How To Get Your WordPress Login URL

You have just recently installed your WordPress blog and are super excited to get started. Now if you could only just go to that page where you can publish articles, upload pictures, make money, and rule the world. 10 minutes later…. still wondering how you logged in the first time? Well then let me help you.


How To Login To Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Your dashboard is the control center of your blog. Everything that appears on your blog, from the posts you share, to the design and layout, are all controlled from your admin dashboard. And so if you are yet unable to login, I’m sorry but you’re not yet a blogger. However, I’m going to make you one in a moment.

To access your WordPress Login area, simple add “/wp-admin“, or just “/admin” to the end of your url. For example, if your blog is located at, then your WordPress Login is:

If your blog is installed in a subfolder, such as, then you write the entire url (including the subfolder), and then append “/wp-admin” to it like this.

Similarly, if your blog is located in a subdomain, such as, you simply append “/wp-admin” to your subdomain url.

In summary, what you need to do is take the exact link you use to access your blog, add “/wp-admin” to it, and you would arrive at your admin login page.
WordPress Login

Of course you would need your username and password to login at this point.

What? You have also forgotten those? You know blogging is not for everybody right!

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